Loc. Is Molas 09010 Pula, Cagliari - Sardinia - Italy

Invitation 130 years of the Unione Sarda

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The Unione Sarda turns 130 years old.

We would like to celebrate this goal by sharing it with you.
This is why we are pleased to invite you and your family on Sunday 13 October from 10.00 am, for the welcome greetings, at the Elmas Press Center.
The Unione Sarda will open its doors to the public, ideally inviting it "at home", to share and make known the activities that have made the history of the largest daily newspaper in Sardinia.
A unique experience between the offices and the production center, the heart of the newspaper.
We hope to have you among our guests.

Events Room Program - Free Entrance
11.00 am Welcome coffee
11.15 am 1st Workshop "Our History" curated by Maria Francesca Chiappe, speakers Sergio Zuncheddu, Publisher - Lia Serreli, General Manager - Emanuele Dessì, Director - Lorenzo Paolini, Editorial Director
12.00 am Insularity Conference
Hours from 12.30 to 14.00 AperiSardo of Sardinia E-Commerce
2.00 pm Musical entertainment
3.00 pm 2nd Social Workshop
5.30pm Conference Sports Stories Cagliari Calcio by Enrico Pilia and Ivan Paone
Hours from 18.30 to 20.00 AperiSardo of Sardinia E-Commerce
Hours 20.00 The Sardinian Union 130 years, show of culture and music * - lead Francesca Figus and Francesco Abate
10.00 pm The Unione Sarda people Party - dj set by Radiolina
Hours 24.00 End of the event
Tour schedules - Open Day
10.30 am: 1st tour
11.30 am: 2nd tour
12.30 pm: 3rd tour
2.30pm: 4th tour
3.30 pm: 5th tour
4.30pm: 6th tour
Where is it:
Unione Sarda Press Center, Via Omodeo, 09030 - Casic Industrial Area, Elmas (CA)