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Horse rides with a view of the Sardinian Sea

Expert teachers and picturesque routes for guests at Is Molas Hotel

Sardinia is an ancient land where horses have been bred for thousands of years. Skilled riders take part in religious and folk festivals all over the island, breaking into a gallop, performing acrobatics or simply escorting the effigies of venerated saints.

The landscape of Sardinia, from its mountainous heart to its beaches, is a perfect setting for excursions on horseback; many great riding masters have chosen this island to set up their schools. Thanks to the collaboration of Is Molas Resort with riding schools of great prestige, the guests at Is Molas Hotel can take part in splendid horse rides that, starting out from Pula, run along the shore of the Sardinian Sea, passing through enchanted landscapes filled with the scents of the Mediterranean macchia. Guests of the hotel can book lessons at all levels and practise on the brand new complete course. Adults and children can make their entry into the world of equitation by staying at Is Molas Hotel and choosing an integrated program of lessons and horse rides that allows them to learn the fundamentals of riding in a week and in a safe and enjoyable way.