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Trekking and mountain biking on the paths that lead to the heart of Sardinia

Sulcis Park, the wildlife sanctuary close to Is Molas Resort

Sardinia is an extraordinary land that reveals its beauty to those who explore its paths, its vistas, its silent spaces. Is Molas Resort is located just a kilometre from the entrance to the nature reserve of Piscina Manna, a natural monument of international importance.

You can set off for a trek on foot or for a ride on a mountain bike through forests of pine and oak that covers thousands of hectares.
Many paths, of various grades of difficulty, are signposted and marked on specialist maps, all of which can be consulted at the reception of Is Molas Resort. Mountain-biking enthusiasts can tackle peaks of over a thousand metres, and go as far as the abode of the Sardinian red deer, whose most important sanctuary is in the Sulcis mountains.
Trekking enthusiasts can enjoy the landscape of the forest and hills and perhaps encounter the fallow deer, which inhabits the woods of Southern Sardinia and comes down into the valleys to slake its thirst in summer. It is not unusual for fallow deer to find their way into the Is Molas Resort, attracted by the lush vegetation and the presence of water. With a bit of luck they can be glimpsed at dawn, near Is Molas Hotel or under the trees of Is Molas Golf Course.

From the tops of the hills and mountains of Sulcis it is also possible to catch sight of the Sardinian goshawk and the golden eagle, the birds of prey whose elegant flight dominates the skies of Sardinia.
Some of the paths for trekkers and mountain bikers lead to the seashore near Pula, after crossing expanses of Mediterranean macchia and ancient crops like wheat, figs, olives and vines.
It is possible to hire mountain bikes at the reception of Is Molas Hotel, and for those who want to bring their own there is a covered and safe place to store them on the grounds of the resort.