Dear Guest,

We inform you that we have extended the opportunity to stay at Is Molas Resort to your animal friends. In order to ensure a pleasant stay to all, men and animals, we have prepared a small regulation. Please read it carefully before making the reservation. The cost applied for the stay will be € 10.00 per night.


In order to ensure the best possible service to you and your pet, we ask you to follow some very important rules to ensure that all pets staying at the Resort can be happy and at the same time do not disturb other guests.

Pets are allowed in specially equipped rooms of the Resort (classic rooms) and in limited numbers (Maximum 1 pet per unit – for exceptions on the number, contact the Manager)

The presence of pets must be indicated upon booking.

The entrance of the pets must be authorized by management. Breeds of dogs and animals deemed dangerous or reported as such by the competent authority may, at Management’s discretion, moved away from the Resort.

Only mini-sized dogs are allowed (weight up to 15 kg – eg. dachshund, poodle, chihuahua, fox terrier, dwarf pinscher, Pekingese, etc.). Animals must be accompanied by the vaccination documents.

Animals, during walks in the Resort must be kept on a short leash, for those particularly aggressive a muzzle is required. The owners are obliged to collect the physiological needs of their animals with a special shovel and bag and make sure it does not disturb the other guests of the Resort.

Any damage caused to third parties and to the Resort facilities by animals are the sole responsibility of the owner. E ‘absolutely forbidden to dwell dogs in the beds and sofas in the rooms. Any violation of this rule will be charged the cost of linen in the whole room.

It is forbidden to bring pets into the pool area and within the common areas (bar, restaurant, lobby, reception).

It is forbidden to leave the animals alone at the time of cleaning the room.

It is forbidden to leave animals free anywhere when at the Resort.

It is up to owners to ensure maximum compliance with health and hygiene regulations during the pet stay inside the room.