Loc. Is Molas 09010 Pula, Cagliari - Sardinia - Italy

Le Mole restaurant

A choice of elegance close to Pula

The indoor dining room of the restaurant is characteristic and Mediterranean. The warm colours of Spanish terracotta and wood, along with the sobriety of the table linen, create a sensation of informal and youthful refinement. The dining room can seat over 200 people.
During good weather it is possible to dine in the open, on the lawn or at poolside. The Sulcis hills, cloaked in the colours and fragrance of the Mediterranean macchia, are the unique setting that can be admired from the restaurant, and the gentle and cool breeze that arrives in the evening brings with it the scent of the Sardinian Sea.
The restaurant is open at lunchtime, and offers a selection of dishes inspired by the Sardinian tradition. The menu changes every day.