Loc. Is Molas 09010 Pula, Cagliari - Sardinia - Italy

The Chef

Master of creative Mediterranean cuisine with Oriental influences

Ivano Congiu has been the chef at Is Molas Resort since September 2007.
Since 2001 he has worked with ever increasing responsibilities for the most famous resorts in South-west Sardinia, eventually becoming a chef. Ivano Congiu has also collaborated with other structures of great prestige in Italy, at Salsomaggiore Terme (Parma), in the hotel that every year houses the finals of Miss Italy, and at the Casino in Venice. These experiences in contact with chefs of various nationalities have stimulated Ivano Congiu’s imagination, leading him to develop the creative style that is a mark of his recipes. His passion for art and painting surfaces in all his presentations of dishes, which are colourful and elegant. Chef Ivano Congiu, considered one of the most promising cooks on the Sardinian scene, is a specialist in creative Mediterranean cuisine set off with hints of the East.