Loc. Is Molas 09010 Pula, Cagliari - Sardinia - Italy

Sardinia: a fertile land, rich with unique flavors and aromas

Spiaggia Sud Sardegna
Torre di Piscinnì Domus de Maria
Miniera di Nebida
Spiaggia di Chia
Tramonto Nora in Sardegna

The unspoiled nature and human labor produce precious fruits.

Thanks to the mild climate and the fertility of the soil, South West Sardinia is a center of excellence for food production. Each country has its own specificity, and many of the food products that make Sardinia famous come from the South West.

Pula is known for cultivating valuable varieties of tomato.

Chia figs ripen near the sea and are considered the best in the region, they are sweet, are the delicacies that nature gives during the summer season.

The olive tree, cultivated for thousands of years in the coastal area, from which extra virgin olive oil is produced with an intense and authentic flavor, accompanies every meal and enhances every typical recipe.

In Villamassargia, about 40 km from Pula, there is an olive grove that preserves ancient traditions: each of the trees that constitute it, ancient and beautiful, belongs to a family of the country, which has cared for it since time immemorial according to the customs of ancient local laws.

Viticulture is equally important. The classic Sardinian vines are widespread in this part of Sardinia, but the characteristic wine of Sulcis is the Carignano. The wines of the South West of Sardinia enrich the most prestigious tables with their scents and colors and the wineries that produce them have obtained the most important awards in the world.

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