Loc. Is Molas 09010 Pula, Cagliari - Sardinia - Italy

South Sardinia, essence of the Mediterranean

Spiaggia Sud Sardegna
Torre di Piscinnì Domus de Maria
Miniera di Nebida
Spiaggia di Chia
Tramonto Nora in Sardegna

History and nature from the sea to the woods, riches going back thousands of years.

A holiday in South Sardinia offers the opportunity to get to know this island passing in a few kilometers from Caribbean beaches to ancient archaeological sites and ancient woods.

The sea in South Western Sardinia is characterized by white beaches and crystal clear water are framed by the splendor of pine forests and the thick bush of juniper, myrtle and strawberry tree.

Among beaches equipped with every service and free beaches, the southern coast of Sardinia offers an incredible variety of places to visit, ideal for families with children thanks to the shallow and sandy seabed.

The territory of Pula, where Is Molas Resort is located, is home to some of the most beautiful beaches of the coast: from Nora, a short walk from the Archaeological Park, to the famous beaches of Santa Margherita di Pula. To discover the most beautiful beaches of Pula, read here.

If you have a way to get away from Is Molas Resort, we suggest you to visit the incredible and unique beaches of southern Sardinia such as the beach of Piscinas or the Caribbean beach of Tuerredda, without forgetting the beautiful beach of Porto Pino and all the beaches of the Chia area.

But southern Sardinia is a flourishing of unique and unforgettable landscapes, even beyond the sea. From the lagoon to the forest of Pixinamanna, in the Regional Natural Park of Gutturu Mannu, where the triumph of nature is absolute: hills covered with oak and pine woods, kingdom of free and noble animals such as deer and deer; colorful paths from the sun and caves drawn by the patient work of water; archaeological and nuragic sites, including Su Nuraxi Barumini declared in 1997 Unesco World Heritage.

Over the centuries Sardinia was also a land of passage and conquest of ancient and flourishing civilizations: the Phoenicians, the Punics and the Romans discovered over the centuries the beauty of this land and left as a sign of their passage, among other things, the archaeological area of Nora, not far from Is Molas Resort. The church of Sant'Efisio, built on the beach, is an important work for the history of the local population, destination of one of the most famous religious processions on the island that takes place every year on May 1.

Sea, nature, history, culture: there are countless things to discover and see in South Sardinia and a holiday at Is Molas Resort will allow you to decide every day a different destination to explore.