Loc. Is Molas 09010 Pula, Cagliari - Sardinia - Italy

South Sardinia, essence of the Mediterranean

Spiaggia Sud Sardegna
Torre di Piscinnì Domus de Maria
Miniera di Nebida
Spiaggia di Chia
Tramonto Nora in Sardegna

History and nature from the sea to the woods, riches going back thousands of years.

The clearest sea, the most intense transparencies, the whitest beaches. Southern Sardinia is filled with unique and unforgettable landscapes. From the lagoon to the reserve of Piscina Manna the triumph of nature is absolute. The Phoenicians, Carthaginians and Romans all discovered the beauty of this land. As a mark of their passage these noble civilizations left behind the city of Nora. The church of Sant’Efisio, constructed on the beach, plays an important part in the history of the local population.
The proximity of the sea and the shelter offered by the hills make South-west Sardinia an ideal region for agriculture and the production of food.
Bread, wine and oil are fruits of the nature and history of this magical land.